Did you know that stress is a leading cause of relapse?

Sometimes we need to escape the stress of the present moment. 
That's the time to take a "Relaxation Vacation" 
This guided musical mediation that will take you back to a time and place where you felt safe, connected, and powerful. 

Tim Ringgold, MT-BC

Everyone reaches for something when they get stressed, and it's not just drugs or alcohol (although it can be). It's also your phone, your fridge, or your remote control. Since 2008, I've helped thousands of people just like you learn to reach for music instead so you can get back into a healthy rhythm at work and at home. 
Sometimes...the present moment is where the stress is! In this Relaxation Vacation you will:
  • ​slow down your nervous system
  • ​​leave the stress of the present moment
  • ​go back to a time when you felt safe, connected, and powerful
  • ​come back to the present moment in that same connected, safe state
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